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Working Nature Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Sep 06, 2017

     An centerless grinder with a transverse dimension shortening, the centerless grinder is especially suitable for use in a small installation space, and can meet the requirements of simplifying and saving space for various production lines. Because the grinding wheel trimming unit is arranged on the tilt downward position above the grinding wheel, it is not necessary to maintain a space for the grinding wheel trimming unit in the side of the grinding wheel, which is most closely related to the transverse dimensions of the traditional centerless grinder. Thus, can greatly reduce the horizontal size of centerless grinder, and can install the grinder into a small installation space, so as to meet a variety of production line simplification and space-saving requirements.Centerless Grinding Machine
     Grinding machine of rotating surface of workpiece by centerless grinding method, usually refers to centerless cylindrical grinder. On centerless cylindrical Grinder, the workpiece does not use the top centering and supporting, but is placed between the wheel and the guide pulley, supported by the pallet and the guide plate. The grinding wheel is generally installed at the end of the spindle, the width of the large centerless cylindrical grinder in the 250 mm wheel is installed in the middle of the spindle, the maximum width of the wheel up to 900 mm. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed, and the guide pulley rotates at a slower speed, driving the workpiece to rotate as a circumferential feed.Centerless Grinding Machine
     Through the grinding, through adjusting the micro-tilt angle of the guiding wheel axis to realize the axial feed, it is suitable for grinding the slender cylindrical workpiece, the short axis without center hole and the sleeve type workpiece, etc. When cut into the grinding, the radial feed is achieved by the movement of the roller frame or the grinding wheel frame, which is suitable for grinding the workpiece with the shaft shoulder or the convex table, and the cone, sphere or other element line is the workpiece of the curve. Centerless grinder Productivity is high, coupled with a variety of upper and lower material devices are easy to automate, mostly for mass production, can be operated by unskilled workers. Centerless Grinder Grinding accuracy is generally: roundness 2 microns, size precision 4 microns, high-precision centerless grinder can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns respectively. In addition there are centerless internal grinder and centerless thread grinder.Centerless Grinding Machine