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The Working Principle Of Internal Grinding Machinel And The Use Of The Effect

Jun 19, 2017

    Internal mill, for the hole grinding machine. Small grinding machine for hand-held power tools, is a second type of power tools. 1, grinding machine (lapping machine) is coated with or embedded in the grinding of the workpiece surface grinding of the grinding machine. Mainly used for grinding the workpiece in the high-precision plane, inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical, threaded surface and other profiles. The main types of grinding machine are disc grinding machine, rotary grinding machine and a variety of special grinding machine. 2, grinder control system to PLC as the control core, text display for the man-machine dialogue interface control. Man-machine dialogue interface can be equipment maintenance, operation, failure and other information and dialogue; user interface intuitive and convenient, program control, simple operation. Omnidirectional safety considerations, abnormal operation of the abnormal state is invalid. Real-time monitoring, fault, false alarm, easy maintenance.Internal Grinding Machine

    Tooling manufacturing precision requirements, planetary gear modulus is small, less teeth, light weight, high precision. The accuracy of the tooling manufacturing is directly related to the manufacturing accuracy of planetary gears. So the expansion sleeve sleeve hole and the coaxial degree and the vertical distance with the end of the shaft and the vertical axis of the shaft and the connection and the amount of interference, and the distance between the cover, gland, the base of the upper and lower ends of the Parallelism is particularly important, therefore, must be strictly in accordance with the map construction, fair processing arrangements to ensure that its key components of the coaxiality, verticality and parallelism requirements, while the planetary gear processing process should also be strictly controlled in accordance with the process card.Internal Grinding Machine

    The tooling structure is simple, precise positioning, low production efficiency, for different bore diameter gear, just with the corresponding size of the expansion and contraction can be, the manipulation is very convenient, greatly reducing the auxiliary time, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, Improved production efficiency. Practice has proved that the use of the hole positioning tooling produced by the planetary gear, not only a pass inspection pass rate of 99.8% or more, and in the assembly test process good action, tooth contact area, meshing gap, rotation stability, noise Test items are more than the standard requirements, greatly improved the life of the planetary gear, to achieve the desired results.Internal Grinding Machine