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The Working Principle And Maintenance Method Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Jun 19, 2017

    Application of the centerless grinding method of grinding the workpiece surface of the grinding machine, usually refers to the centerless grinder. In the centerless grinder (see picture), the workpiece without the center of the center and support, but between the wheel and guide wheel, supported by the pallet and guide wheel. The grinding wheel is usually mounted on the end of the spindle, the width of more than 250 mm wheel is installed in the middle of the spindle, the maximum width of up to 900 mm wheel. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed, and the guide wheel rotates in the same direction with the slow speed, which drives the workpiece to rotate for the circumferential feed. Centerless Grinding Machine

    Through the grinding, by adjusting the guide wheel axis of the small tilt angle to achieve axial feed, suitable for grinding elongated cylindrical workpiece, no center hole of the short axis and sets of parts and so on. When the grinding is carried out, the radial feed is achieved by the movement of the guide wheel frame or the wheel frame, which is suitable for grinding the workpiece with the shoulder or boss, and the workpiece of the cone, sphere or other thread. The productivity of the centerless grinder is high, and it is easy to realize automation after loading and unloading. It is mostly used for mass production and can be operated by very skilled workers. Centerless grinding machine grinding accuracy is generally: roundness 2 microns, dimensional accuracy of 4 microns, high-precision centerless grinding machine can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns. In addition, there are no heart round grinder and centerless thread grinder.Centerless Grinding Machine

    The centerless grinder can be automatically trimmed and automatically compensated. Guide wheel feed guide for the double V-type roller guide wheel, the use of servo motor feed, with the wheel dressing compensation each other. The machine is equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism, can carry out automatic cycle grinding. Maintenance methods: 1, the centerless grinder appearance maintenance: centerless grinder appearance and motor, cooling equipment, the surface must be kept clean, regular cleaning polishing powder. 2, inspection, fastening handle, feed hand wheel, screws, nuts and other mechanical parts. Keep the machine in good condition. 3, centerless grinder machine inspection: check the various parts of the centerless grinder screws, belts, tightness, loose should be transferred to the appropriate date. 4, check the degree of wear if the bearing should be replaced, the oil is sufficient. 5, the guide rail should be clean, rails can not be equipped with polishing supplies powder. 6, electrical appliances: regular cleaning motor, electrical box. Electrical equipment fixed neat, reliable action. 7, inspection, fastening zero device. Check the button switch, the problem should be replaced immediately, to avoid unnecessary danger Centerless Grinding Machine