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The Trouble Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Jul 03, 2017

     With the "Craftsman spirit" to write the government work report for the first time, this undoubtedly injected a dose of cardiac stimulant into our manufacturing industry, and also brought new development opportunities to manufacturing enterprises. 2015, our country officially released "China made 2025", high-grade CNC machine tools are listed as one of the ten key areas of China's manufacturing strategy. As the "machine tool" of the equipment manufacturing industry, the NC machine tool is a national technical level and product quality, and it is an important mark to measure the development level of equipment manufacturing.
     In order to increase China's equipment manufacturing industry, China's machine tool enterprises continue to explore emerging markets, research and development to produce more in line with the machine tool market quality products. In recent years, although China's machine tool industry to maintain a high rate of development, numerical control machine tool output growth in the year new highs, but the ointment is the machine tool import and export trade continues to grow significantly. This also shows that our country machine tool products still can not meet the consumer's production and processing needs, machine tool enterprises still have to work together to build a strong technical power.
      First, the surface of the light left scars: The reason: The control board hardness is too large, the control board surface attached or fused with a grinding scrap or grinding wheel of small pieces. Countermeasure: The control board should be changed into soft cooling water to penetrate soluble cutting oil for a long time.
Second, the occurrence of such gaps in the spiral traces: The reason: Hit the edge of the Grinding Wheel, guide version of the poor adjustment, repair speed, diamond damage and wear, the diamond cage LAX are centerless grinder occurs, such as the Gap spiral traces. Countermeasures: The edge of the grinding wheel is tapered to make the guide plate parallel. Reduce the trimming speed, reduce the amount of feed, change the diamond contact surface or exchange the diamond cage stabilizer.
Three, equal or unequal gap fine lines: causes: poor dressing, external vibration. Countermeasures: From the edge of the grinding wheel, trimming speed to maintain a certain vibration edge.Centerless Grinding Machine
      IV. Deep and Irregular traces: reasons: The relaxation of the grinding wheel: the cam and the wheel are inserted between the lining and stable.
V. Vibration: The reason: the loosening of screws, uneven grinding wheel. Countermeasures: The weight of the frame and load into a balanced distribution so that the platform set flat, to regain balance.Centerless Grinding Machine
Six, self-excited vibration: The reason: too high, support blade angle too large, support blade angle is too large, support knife plate too thin, support the erection of the knife plate is not good, support the bending of the knife plate, grinding capacity is large, the choice of grinding sand bad, the true roundness of the grinding wheel, the relaxation of the table, the relaxation of the mandrel, the external vibration. Countermeasures: Reduce the level of the arrogant, reduce the angle, increase the thickness, tighten the clamping screws, modify the support knife plate, reduce the number of grinding increases, and the grinding wheel manufacturers to negotiate, adjust before and after the balance, screw lock into parity, lock screws, adjust the adjustment wheel of the heart axis, lock the cage to exchange diamonds, isolate external vibration.
      Seven, can not get the true roundness: The reason: too low, support blade angle too small, grinding wheel hardness, grinding pressure, coarse grinding amount of large grinding, adjustment wheel slack, cooling water shortage (grinding hollow objects when), correction bad. Countermeasures: Improve the heart, increase the angle, improve the speed of propulsion, the use of sharp diamonds to increase the correction speed, reduce the size of the feed to a large speed to do the first grinding, heavy-lock screws adjust the adjustment wheel of the mandrel, at the point of contact to increase the cooling fluid, the correction.
Eight, Middle High or middle Low: Reason: Guide plate adjustment bad. Countermeasure: Take the Guide board parallel, reduce the tilt of the axle basket and increase the angle of adjusting wheel trimming device.Centerless Grinding Machine