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The Structure Of Internal Grinder

Apr 05, 2017

Internal grinder grinder is divided into ordinary and universal grinder. Universal grinder the grinder is the most widely used. In inner circle grinder to grind a variety of shaft and sleeve workpiece cylinders, the inner cone and the axle end.

Grinding machine the main parts of the bed. Bed is the Foundation of grinder support, on top of it with a grinding wheel, table, head, tail and horizontal sliding saddles and other components. Make these components work to maintain correct relative position. Bed of hydraulic oil for internal use as oil pool. Rack for mounting and clamping workpiece drives the workpiece rotates, the first reversible-clockwise direction 90 ° in the horizontal plane. Internal cylindrical grinding for bearing hole grinding wheel spindle. Internal cylindrical grinding spindles driven by a separate electric motor. Wheel frame for supporting and driving high speed grinding wheel spindle. Grinding wheel rack on a sliding saddle, when the required grinding when short conical grinding wheel can be adjusted to a certain water level angle ± 30 °. Top support workpiece with tailstock and headstock. Sliding saddles and feed mechanism rotating feed hand wheel. Landscape companies can slide on the saddle and landscape movement of the wheel. Bench made up of upper and lower levels. Work on in-plane rotation around the table under the horizontal at an angle (± 10 °)? for grinding taper not long tapered surface, on top of the table with a headstock and tailstock. They can be together with table, along the slideway for vertical movement. Machine tool: common precision universal grinding machine accuracy up to IT6 IT7. Surface roughness value Ra could be within 1.25 and 0.08 μg m range. Universal circular grinding machine can be used for cylindrical surfaces, conical surface finishing, although less productive, but because universal grinders, versatility is good, is widely used for single and small batch production, tools, workshop and shop.