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The Main Advantage Of CNC Grinding Machine With Measures To Reduce Knife

Apr 05, 2017

Grinding machines, CNC grinding machine, the main objects will be explained below, because its a grinder, but for us, it is the site of important products. Therefore, the next, through a number of specific knowledge to begin and carry on.

1. CNC grinders, compared it with other grinding machines, what are the advantages?

Grinder CNC grinders, compared it with other grinding machines, its advantages, mainly has the following, are as follows:

(1) for some of the more complex shapes or shaped parts, can be processed well. And, through computer software, you can implement compensation, as well as the optimization of control. Therefore, it can be to improve machining quality and level.

(2) through a number of processing centers, tool changing function can be realized, and to reduce the number of clamping, in turn, increase the accuracy of processing.

(3) processing, have a certain flexibility. In this case, you can do both small batch production, and can be produced in large quantities. Moreover, to carry out different parts of the process. So it is very good.

2. CNC grinder, what is their way of feeding? How to reduce the machine's cutter?

For the CNC grinding machine feed mode, generally speaking, is tangent to the line feed, such as the arc feed. For cutter problems, we can take measures, mainly:

Measures: of grinding wheel for CNC grinding machine, should be checked frequently, need trimming. As well, its particle size is standard, so that, to keep the wheels of the number of grains, and sharpness.

Measure II: reducing grinding allowance of CNC grinding machine and or prolonged grinding time. In addition, the full cast of the coolant, and, in the process on the system, increasing its rigidity. These are to reduce knife for this purpose. But the machine is also very favorable.