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The Leaders Of The Science And Technology Bureau Visited Our Factory To Inspect The Innovation Results.

Mar 07, 2019

On the afternoon of March 6th, the leaders of the Bureau of Science and Technology came to our factory to inspect and accept the innovative achievements. Our CNC multi-functional composite grinder got the innovation fund of Wuxi Modern Industry Development Fund project in 2016, and has exceeded the contract requirements. During the contract period, we applied for 8 utility model patents, 17 utility model patents and one invention patent are authorized. New products not only become new sales growth points, but also become a new tax growth point, because the added value is higher than the previous conventional products. The characteristics of NC multi-functional composite grinder are: one clamp can realize grinding of inner circle, outer circle and end face of work piece, which ensures the accuracy of work piece, greatly improves efficiency and saves space. So far, we have developed four types of CNC multi-functional composite grinder: MKF215, MKF2110, MKF2115, MKF2120. Among them, MKF2110 and MKF2120 have solved the grinding difficulties for the vast number of users, and are well received by users.