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The Introduction Of Internal Grinding Machine

Jul 10, 2017

                  The cement industry needs to grind a large amount of mineral material. How to reduce the crushing energy consumption, improve the output and quality, make the grinding process optimization, has been the cement industry research personnel's efforts. Ordinary tube Mill powder grinding cement, one is when the product than the table area than 340m2/kg, will produce paste and caking phenomenon, however, the use of small size of the grinding body, because of the number of units, large specific surface area, the time of the impact of the number of grinding materials, cement particle size distribution curve steep, high strength, powder grinding high fine cement will not occur cement condensation and caking phenomenon Second, because the material in the mill in various parts of different particle size mixed together is not conducive to the use of different grinding body crushing or grinding, resulting in high energy consumption, low output. In recent years, the technology of grinding internal sieving for pipe Mill (also known as high yield and fine grinding technique) has been reformed in the internal structure of mill because it does not increase the power of equipment. It can increase the output, reduce power consumption and improve the surface area of finished products. At the same time because of less investment, technical renovation time is short, so very popular.Internal Grinding Machine

                 The principle of grinding inner sieving technology is to replace the original compartment device by setting the sieving device in the ordinary Tube mill. The former storehouse material carries on the forced sieving, the interception big pellet, lets these big pellet still return to the ball storehouse to continue with the big size steel ball to break, the qualified fine material enters the storehouse. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the material itself, grain size, process conditions, each warehouse with suitable ball, section gradation, to control the average size of the material after entering the warehouse. Fine grinding silo using large surface area of small size grinding body, greatly improving the grinding capacity of the mill, so as to obtain high yield, high specific surface area of finished products, to maximize the grinding efficiency of flour mill. The essence of the technology is to make the material in the mill with the corresponding size of the grinding body step by step grinding, and timely screening, so that the material in the case of low power consumption to grind into a finished product.Internal Grinding Machine

                So how to transform a common tube mill into a high yield sieving machine? Three aspects: first, to select a good performance of the mill in the screening device, the second is to make a scientific adjustment of the internal technological parameters of the mill, the third is the transformation process between the two sides of the exchange cooperation, the three indispensable.Internal Grinding Machine