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The Future Development Direction Of Multi - Function CNC Grinding Machine

Jun 19, 2017

   Multifunction Machine Machine Europe Machine Tool Expo and Chicago organized by the IMTS2000 show are reflected in the same theme, is to develop as much as possible in a clamping in the efficient and high precision to complete all the processing of the machine, that is, research and development of high-speed, multi- To suit the needs of users. From the two machine tools exhibition on the new product situation and the relevant expert analysis and forecast, the current and future period of time, multi-function machine tool research and development will be further in the following direction: to increase the machine tool axis to machine Multi-machine machine for multi-axis machining.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

    5-axis machining center With the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, in recent years, most of the processing centers are designed to be able to work in a fixture five parts of the five-axis machine. Such as by the M machining center, are designed to meet the complex parts of the design of multi-functional machine. According to reports, Integrex 100Y type has X, Y, Z, C and B of the five-axis movement, which can be moved in the Y-axis direction of 125mm knife, designed to install a power of 5.6kW, speed up to 15,000r / Min, can be equipped with milling cutter, boring tool and other rotating tool, and can be relative to the center of the turret swing 225 ° B axis. So the machine can carry out horizontal cutting, beveling, eccentric drilling, boring and threading. Integrex 100SY machining center, in addition to three linear motion and a rotation accuracy of 0.001 ° C axis, but also has two spindles. Can be a high degree of precision machining in a fixture parts.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

    Increase the C-axis on the lathe to increase the C-axis on the traditional structure of the lathe, can get as 4 to 5 vertical or horizontal machining center processing capacity. In this machine to increase the automatic tool change mechanism, and canceled the original rotary knife. In the addition of the C-axis can be installed in the circumferential direction of any position of the vertical horizontal milling head, which can be a clamping in the 5 surface milling, drilling and threading, etc., to the parts of the rotor Processing has brought great convenience. The company designs the V55-5A five-axis vertical machining center in order to meet the needs of the large-scale parts with complex shapes in the aviation industry. The main feature is that the machine tool can be used to support the axial movement in three directions. The B-axis of the part and the C-axis that can rotate on it. Where the B axis can tilt 120 °, C axis can rotate 360 °. Greatly improve the processing capacity of the machine.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

    The integrated center of the turning center and the machining center is the production of the car-milling center MF twin 300TC. It is an integrated combination of a Z-axis turning center and a horizontal machining center, equipped with a 30kW modular milling head with a Y-axis and a C-axis, swingable from 0 ° to 180 °, making the complex card Discs and rod parts can be processed in a process C surface. Thus greatly improving the processing efficiency of the machine and parts processing accuracy. But also to the company for the world to establish a whole processing technology leader in the field of image.