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The Functional Characteristics Of Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Oct 18, 2017

CNC cylindrical grinder is pre-programmed according to the processing requirements, issued by the control system to issue numerical information instructions for processing, mainly for grinding cylindrical and conical surface of the grinder. CNC cylindrical grinder generally has a generalization, high degree of modularity, high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and high adaptability and so on. According to the different types of CNC cylindrical grinder, for automotive, motorcycle, air compressor, bearings, military, aviation, aerospace and other related parts of the bulk processing.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Bed and table, bed with a large round hole, shark fin-shaped plate, the long-term use, machine stiffness, static stiffness are good. The table is divided into upper and lower sides to grind the conical surface. Bed and table guide with plastic guide rail, the friction coefficient is small. The table is driven by the servo motor directly to move the ball screw, the movement is smooth and reliable. Grinding wheel frame: wheel speed is less than 35m / s, high grinding efficiency, grinding head bearing for the large angle of three tile dynamic pressure bearing, high precision rotation. The grinding wheel movement (X direction) by the servo motor, ball screw directly drag, the minimum resolution of 0.0005mm.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Independent CNC operation box, on the LCD display, machine operation button, 1um band compensation switch, hand pulse generator, and so on. The end of the measuring instrument and radial measuring instrument, CNC cylindrical grinder with a radial meter, the measured value automatically input CNC system, CNC system to send, so that X to the servo motor rotation, driven ball to reach a given position, so that grinding The size of the workpiece to achieve the desired position, batch grinding workpiece size dispersion is less than 0.003mm.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine