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Technical Support Of Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Sep 06, 2017

     With the continuous progress on the quality and economic benefits of CNC tools, our factory used to process indexable carbide inserts WAM336 CNC Peripheral grinder Due to the aging of electrical system, processing technology behind, has been unable to meet the tool product size consistency and symmetry tolerance strict processing requirements. Therefore, we have reformed the electrical system of the machine tool, and reconstructed the machining macro program of grinding line and arc surface according to the characteristic of the machine tool and the processing request.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine
     WAM336 CNC Peripheral Grinder has a fixed spindle and a three feed shaft. For the electrical system of the CNC grinder, we must first consider selecting the suitable external motor for the three feed shafts. Because the external motor is connected with the rotating shaft, the mechanical part of the whole outer space cannot be changed, so the size and power of the selected motor must match the original electrical system. After examination and screening, the electrical system external motor meets the requirements, and the electrical system price is moderate, therefore decided to use the electrical system to replace the original machine tool electrical system. Electrical system has control five coordinate function, because WAM336 CNC grinder only three feed axis, so just connect three coordinate servo plate drive machine tool to realize three coordinate linkage, can meet WAM336 CNC grinder processing technology requirements, grinding complex shape carbide blades. The processing practice shows that the machine tool's electric system is easy to manipulate, the machining precision and the processing efficiency are all superior to the original system.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine
     CNC Tool Grinder, in particular multi-axis CNC, multi-axis cnc Tool Grinder is an efficient, high-quality grinding precision, complex shape of the tool high, fine, sharp key equipment, but also various types of CNC machine tools with complex structure, high degree of automation, precision and reliability requirements of high mechanical and electrical integration of High-tech products, Its research and development has considerable technical difficulty. CNC Tool Grinder for grinding tool must rely on tool grinding technology and programming technology, and a variety of complex shape tool grinding technology and programming software, at present in foreign countries also belong to patented technology or confidential technology. Because of this, there are only a few manufacturers in the world can produce high-performance CNC tool grinder.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine