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Surface Treatment Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Sep 26, 2017

      Centerless grinder is a type of grinding machine that does not require the Axis positioning of the workpiece to be used for grinding. Mainly by grinding grinding wheel, adjustment wheel and workpiece bracket three, in which the grinding wheel is actually the work of grinding, adjust the rotation of the wheel control workpiece, and control the workpiece feed speed, as far as the workpiece bracket is in the grinding to support the workpiece, These three kinds of mechanical parts can have several kinds of cooperation method, but the stop grinds except, the principle is identical.Centerless Grinding Machine

     The performance of Centerless grinder has the following characteristics compared with ordinary grinder: continuous processing, no need to retract, clamping workpiece, such as short copy time, high productivity. The bracket and the guide wheel positioning mechanism are better than the ordinary cylindrical grinder top, the center frame mechanism supports the rigidity, the cutting quantity may be bigger, and is advantageous for the slender axis type workpiece processing, realizes the high speed grinding and the strong grinding easily. Centerless Grinding Machine

     The workpiece of Centerless grinder is positioned on the positioning mechanism, the grinding quantity is the allowance of the workpiece diameter, so the abrasion of the grinding wheel, the compensation of the feed mechanism and the repeated positioning accuracy error of the insertion mechanism affect the dimension precision of the part diameter. Only half of ordinary cylindrical grinder, no center hole, and easy to achieve the upper and lower material automation.Centerless Grinding Machine

    The centerless grinder has no guarantee of the relative position precision (coaxial degree, verticality, etc.) of the grinding surface and the non grinding surface, and the roundness of the grinding circumferential intermittent surface is poor. The grinding surface is easy to produce odd-number times angular roundness, if the larger the size of the measurement is less than the maximum size of the illusion, but affect the quality of assembly and working performance. Centerless Grinding Machine

    Machine tool adjustment is more complex, time-consuming, each replacement of different diameters of the workpiece need to be washed to adjust the height of the bracket, distance and the relevant process parameters. So the adjustment technology is more difficult, not suitable for small batches and one-piece production.Centerless Grinding Machine