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Surface Machining Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Oct 11, 2017

The grinding wheel is too thick or the diamond is fed too fast. Replace the fine-grained grinding wheel, a reasonable choice of dressing speed. The inclination angle of the guide wheel is too high or the speed is too high, resulting in the workpiece peripheral speed and axial feed speed. Reduce the inclination angle of the guide wheel and reduce its speed. When the coolant is not clean or the concentration is not enough, replace the coolant with a constant concentration of coolant.Centerless Grinding Machine Grinding wheel size is too small or too high hardness, should be replaced grinding wheel, select the appropriate size and hardness guide wheel speed is too slow and the guide wheel angle is too large, need to improve the wheel speed, reduce the guide wheel tilt angle. Grinding is too large or too small. Grinding hours of burns, can increase the vertical feed rate; grinding large amount of burns, can increase the number of grinding.Centerless Grinding Machine

The workpiece is too much at the entrance or at the exit, causing the burn or grinding area to concentrate at a certain point. Correct adjustment of guide wheel frame, guide plate and dresser. Grinding wheel is blunt, the hardness is too high, the cutting fluid is insufficient or the burning method is not correct grinding wheel, replace the soft grinding wheel and dressing, increase the amount of cutting fluid and correct leader.Centerless Grinding Machine

Grinding wheel imbalance or have been blunt, grinding wheel is too hard, too small size or no dressing good. Carefully balance the grinding wheel, replace the soft side of the grinding wheel and dressing, etc., the guide wheel speed is too high. Appropriate to reduce the wheel speed. The workpiece center is too high to cause beating. Appropriate to reduce the height of the pallet. The rigidity of the pallet is insufficient. Thicken the pallet and tighten it. The roundness error of the workpiece is because the actual movement trajectory of the workpiece center is deviated from the theoretical trajectory in the grinding process, the workpiece is rotated in the horizontal plane and the guide wheel is not properly trimmed, and should be trimmed more specifically. Too soft, uneven wear, should increase the number of dressing or increase the number of grinding, thin waist or waist drum shape.Centerless Grinding Machine