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Research On The Problems Of Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Oct 11, 2017

Ultra-high speed CNC grinding machine has been the subject of China's CNC grinding machine industry research, to ensure high-speed grinding conditions, CNC grinding machine has a high production efficiency and processing accuracy, but also requires CNC grinding machine must have sufficient power and stiffness High-speed CNC grinding machine should have a high spindle speed and power. At the same time should also have high precision, high damping, high shock resistance and thermal stability and so on.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

For the high speed CNC grinding machine on the CNC grinding machine wheel frame, head frame, tailstock, table should have good static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and thermal stiffness. The use of polymer concrete for ultra-high-speed CNC grinding machines to create bed and column. There are also CNC grinding machine columns and CNC grinding machine base cast iron castings made of cast.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine Ultra-high speed CNC grinding machine on the drive requirements are high-power, high speed, high precision. Grinding wheel spindle drive system control Grinding wheel Rotary spindle rotation movement, should be able to provide a large stepless speed range and large enough power, as far as possible in the speed range to maintain the power output to achieve efficient grinding.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine Ultra-high speed CNC grinding machine requires its servo system has a high flexibility, high resolution, high positioning accuracy, requires no crawling, but also a larger range of movement, but also requires a greater acceleration, but also There is a big enough thrust, high rigidity, dynamic response to fast, positioning accuracy is better.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Spindle unit is a key component of the grinding machine. For high speed and high precision unit system, it should have the characteristics of good rigidity, high rotation precision, small temperature rise, good stability, low power consumption, long life and moderate cost. Grinding wheel spindle unit bearings often use high-precision rolling bearings, hydrostatic bearings, liquid dynamic pressure bearings, hydrostatic bearings. In recent years, high-speed and ultra-high-speed grinder more and more use of spindle parts.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine