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Repair And Maintenance Of Bearing Centerless Grinding Machine

Aug 29, 2017

             MG1020 centerless Grinder Because of high precision, high efficiency, machine tool stability is a very lucrative machine tool, but because the price is high and very few people ask, a new 1020 to 130,000 yuan but an old one is probably only 5 to 60,000 yuan, if you are smart enough, I will teach you to put an old machine tool like new, the same precision stability.

             One part of the connection to do a good scale, and then the machine system split 1 grinding Wheel System 2 Grinding Wheel Repair System 3 Guide wheels System 4 wheels trim System 5 Hydraulic system 6 lubrication system, the parts of the accessories and bolts please put the classification to avoid mixing or loss.Centerless Grinding Machine

             Second check the diameter of the wheel shaft is not 75MM, if the small more than 5 silk, suggest changing the shaft, do a 75MM is 10 silk iron grinding rod with research bearing until all contact, when assembling, make an inner hole 75 is 2 silk. The outer diameter 110 minus 2 wire concentric sleeve, with concentric sleeve to adjust the machine tool's spindle and the casing concentric, but also to ensure that the spindle gap should not be greater than 0.01MM, the wheel shaft with the hand can easily rotate.

             Three check dresser and oil cylinder off, with the hand-pull dresser to back and forth freely, must not have the weight, with hand sway around no gap, not with scraping.

             Four and check the wheel to handle the same shaft and bushing, and then use concentric sleeve to adjust the axis of the machine tool, to ensure that the transverse gap in 0. No axial drive within 002MM. No abnormal noise after driving.Centerless Grinding Machine

              Five because the MG1020 is a hydraulic self-lubricating guide, so the hydraulic system must be fully washable and pressure, please refer to the size of the manual.

              The six-lubrication system protects the wheel shaft. It's as important as a human heart to protect the brain. 1 to the system to wash and then installed, 2 connecting the grinding wheel to try to cut off the oil circuit to see if the machine will protect.Centerless Grinding Machine

              The debugging method of the seven-wheel dresser is the same as that of grinding wheels.Centerless Grinding Machine