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Processing Technology Range Of Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Aug 15, 2017

     CNC Grinding Machine is the use of abrasive tools on the workpiece surface grinding machining. Most of the grinding machine is the use of high-speed rotating grinding wheel grinding, a few are using oil, sand and other abrasive and free abrasive processing, such as honing machine, ultra-fine machining machine tools, abrasive belt grinder, grinding machine and polishing machine. CNC Grinder and CNC surface grinder, cnc centerless grinder, CNC internal and external cylindrical grinder, CNC vertical universal grinder, CNC coordinate grinder, CNC forming grinder and so on.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine
     Processing range, grinding machine can process high hardness of materials, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc. can also be processed brittle materials, such as glass, granite. Grinding machine can be used for high precision and low surface roughness grinding, but also for high efficiency grinding, such as strong grinding. Features: 1, suitable for complex special-shaped parts processing. 2. Realize computer control and eliminate human error. 3, through the computer software can realize the accuracy compensation and the optimized control. 4, machining center, turning center, grinding Center, electric processing center and so on have knife storehouse and change knife function, reduce the clamping times, improve the processing accuracy. 5, CNC machine tools to make mechanical processing equipment to increase the flexibility of the characteristics. Flexible processing is not only suitable for many varieties, small and medium-sized production is also suitable for large-scale production, and can alternately complete two or more different parts of the processing, adding automatic transformation of the function of the workpiece, can achieve night unattended operation. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) consisting of several CNC machine tools (machining centers) has a more flexible automatic manufacturing system, including processing, assembling and testing.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine
    The speed of the grinding wheel is generally 30~60m/s, the CBN wheel can be up to 150~200m/s, the highest spindle speed reaches 15000r/min. Spindle unit is the hinge of the grinder, for high-speed high-precision unit system should have a good rigidity, high precision, small temperature rise, good, low power consumption, long life, cost moderate characteristics. The bearing of the spindle unit of the grinding wheel often adopts high precision moving bearing, hydrostatic bearing, liquid pressure bearing and message bearing. High-speed and ultra-high-speed grinders are increasingly using electric spindle unit components.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine