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Parts Replacement Of Internal Grinding Machine

Sep 26, 2017

     First, the ball mill inside the stone is called the critical particles in the industry, it is mainly in the grinding ore, due to the executive grain size in the mill, easy to form a grinding medium in the ball mill is too light. And as the grinding minerals can not be discharged through the lattice hole of the 30-50mm grain-grade ore block.Internal Grinding Machine

     If these pieces of ore (i.e., rock) accumulate in the wet ball mill, occupy the grinding machine volume, resulting in a decrease in the output of the mill, Unit power consumption increased and produced crushing phenomenon. So the ball mill must deal with the stone to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, now the ball mill for the treatment of stone there are three main methods: first, open ' gravel mu ', the critical particles from the body, can do gravel mill gravel or separate treatment.Internal Grinding Machine

     Second, the use of half self grinding grinding, that is, to the grinding machine to add a filling rate of 5% 8% of the outline ball (ball diameter 100-150mm) to supplement the bulk of the media as the energy shortage and grinding ' critical particles '. Third, the adoption of new processes, will be grinding the open-circuit grinding, the affairs material tube sieve on the material extraction, after crushing and grinding after crushing with the Sieve products combined treatment, this is called a (autogenous), B (Ball mill), C (crushing) autogenous grinding process.Internal Grinding Machine

    Ball mill lining Plate wear up to 70% should be planned to replace, the liner of the bolts of serious damage caused by loosening should be planned to replace. The ball mill's bearing wear is more serious when plan to replace. The screw wear of the ball mill can be repaired when the material is serious, such as the plan replacement when the repair is useless. The foundation bolts of the ball mill should be repaired when the wear is serious.Internal Grinding Machine

    Energy-saving ball mill in the internal ventilation to strengthen, when the mill has a certain wind speed, so that the powder grinding process produced in a timely manner to remove the powder, in the discharge of the heat of the ball mill, the surface of the cylinder radiation emitted heat about 6% of the total heat. This can not only reduce the buffering effect of micro-powder, but also improve the grinding efficiency, product quality will not be affected.Internal Grinding Machine