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Our Company Participated In The Declaration Of “Wuxi Intelligent Manufacturing Excellent Solution” In 2018

Mar 02, 2019

Recently, Wuxi Changyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. participated in Wuxi Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Association's declaration of "Excellent Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing in Wuxi City" in 2018. This time, our company declared the combined NC internal grinder manufactured for several well-known domestic users, which is automatically loaded and unloaded by the manipulator. It promoted the upgrade of the user's equipment, realized the full-automatic production, and increased the functions of remote monitoring and diagnosis. With this remote monitoring and diagnosis function, we do not need to send personnel to the site, in the company can monitor the operation of the equipment in the user workshop, if there is a fault, the first time through remote diagnosis and remote CNC programming to eliminate the fault, greatly improving the after-sales efficiency, saving maintenance time. The system is also convenient for users to collect the produce task statistics, and is well received by users.