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Operating Procedures For Internal Grinding Machine

Aug 29, 2017

                First, the preparation of the operation before the ⑴ check the connection fastening of the equipment ⑵ check whether the equipment operators have sundries. ⑶ no-load test.

                II. Basic work Process Cast pipe → Two-layer platform track → Automatic pipe-stop device → lift device → one-layer platform track → manual to middle → dial tube device drop → cast tube rotation → grinding rod lift → wheel rotation, at the same time water valve open, into the cast pipe flush → car feed, in the middle of the casting pipe to the appropriate position, grinding rod drop, into the grinding → into place, the car back grinding, back to the end of the pipe mouth appropriate position, the rod rise → Car continue to back in place automatically stop, grinding wheel stop, and the water valve closed, Flush stop → cast pipe pull-out → tube installation rise → one layer platform track → Electric Flat car → next cycle.Internal Grinding Machine

                III. Maintenance and maintenance of equipment 1. Mechanical Parts Lubrication of ⑴ equipment must be carried out in accordance with the prescribed lubrication criteria. The ⑵ of the conveyor track is filled with grease every half month. The ⑶ adjusts the chain's tightening degree every month and cleans the chain to prolong its service life. ⑷ the entire equipment and the work site must be in each class or after the class thoroughly clean, lest the mortar deposition.⑸ wheel wear should be replaced in time.Internal Grinding Machine

               IV. Precautions for use and maintenance ⑴ equipment in operation no person shall be in the conveying area of the pipe. ⑵ must stop when repairing and maintaining the equipment. ⑶ operators must wear suitable overalls.⑷ the ground dirty, apply non-slip material and sweep to prevent danger.⑸ The chain must be loosened when the sprocket is replaced or dismantled, the chain must be tightened again after repair and check whether the sprocket is right.⑹ should pay attention to cleaning and follow the general rules of mechanical assembly when repairing.The ⑺ shall be safe and reliable after repair, and each screw and fastener shall be strong and the repair apparatus shall be evacuated from the equipment.Internal Grinding Machine