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Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Aug 13, 2017

               Grinding methods can be divided into cylindrical grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, plane grinding, forming grinding, gear grinding, thread grinding, tool grinding, common lathe surface grinding and so on. The corresponding NC grinding method is more and more important in the grinding process with the development of NC technology. CNC Grinding machine can be machined on the ordinary grinder can not be processed on some special parts (such as the special curve of the shaft parts, there are more than three coordinate requirements of the special-shaped parts, molds, etc.), so it adapts to a wide range of processing parts. In order to give full play to the maximum economic benefit of CNC grinder, the following processing objects can be given priority.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

               (a) the components of repetitive production are better, and the working hours of CNC grinding machines occupy a higher proportion. For example, process analysis preparation, preparation procedures, parts of the first part of the adjustment test, and so on, the sum of the combined work hours is often part of the processing time of dozens of times times to a hundredfold, but these CNC lathe work content (such as special general lathe fixture, process documents, procedures, etc.) can be saved and reused, so a part in the NC grinder on the success of the trial and repeat production, the productive cycle is greatly reduced, cost less, can achieve better economic benefits.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

               (ii) The requirements of the key to ensure the processing quality and efficient production of medium and small batch of key parts, control grinder can be controlled under the computer to achieve high-precision, high-quality, high efficiency of grinding processing. It can save a lot of special process equipment compared with special grinder, it has strong flexibility manufacturing ability and good economic benefit. Compared with the common grinding machine, it can eliminate many man-made interference factors in the long process of complex machining, the precision consistency and interchangeability of processing parts is good, and the processing efficiency is high.

               (iii) parts of the processing volume should be greater than the ordinary grinder batch, CNC grinding in the CNC grinding machine processing, small batch parts, due to various reasons, pure cutting time accounted for only 10%-30% of the actual work. In the grinding center of this kind of multi-process concentrated CNC grinder machining, this ratio may rise to 70%-80%, but prepare to adjust the work is often much longer, so the part of the bulk of too many hours will become less economical.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine