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Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Jul 31, 2017

                NC machine tool is the combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing technology, which represents the technical level and development trend of modern basic machinery. China's CNC machine tool industry has developed faster, has a CNC machine tool production plant nearly hundred. In order to speed up the development of China's CNC machine tool industry and better meet the needs of national economic development, the State has listed important basic machinery as one of the four key areas of revitalization in the formulation of the "Machinery Industry revitalization outline", and the important basic machinery is the development of CNC machine tools.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

               "95" and 2010 years ago China's CNC machine tool development policy is: Focus on six types of mainframe: CNC Lathes, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC forging machine tools, CNC heavy-duty machine tools and CNC precision electrical processing machine tools. Focus on the CNC system, develop universal type, improve reliability, internal and external combination, to me mainly to achieve the industrialization of data-controlled machine tools. "95" period, the emphasis on improving reliability, increase varieties, universal CNC system and CNC machine tools to achieve economic scale of production. By 2000, the development of CNC machine tools to 1000 species, of which 100 of the early 90 international level. CNC machine tools and CNC system of the average failure time reached 10,000 hours, the annual output reached 20000 units, popular products are basically based on domestic.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

                NC Cylindrical Grinding Machine is programmed according to the processing requirements, the control system issued a numerical information instructions for processing, mainly used to grind the cylinder and conical external surface grinder. CNC Cylindrical Grinder Generally has a general, high degree of modularity, high accuracy, high rigidity, high efficiency and adaptability, and so on.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine