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Market Share Development Of General-Grinding Machine

Jul 03, 2017

      The 2016 China machine tool market and industry can be used "like Mu Chun" to describe, although still with a biting chill, but in the macroeconomic recovery under the influence, we more or less feel a warm. This silk warm in 2017 whether still can continue, or will experience "cold", need according to the economy, industry and import and export of information comprehensive analysis, below mainly from the industrial strategy development angle put forward opinion, for the industry Tongren reference.General-Grinding Machine
      I. Industrial environment and operating conditions China's macro economy presents a number of trending features, such as slowing economic growth, GDP growth slowed from 2007 14.2% to a medium-rate growth of 6.7% in the three quarter of 2016; inflation pressure continued to increase, 2016 years ago in three quarters, the money supply (M2) is 4.3 times times 2006, to 152 trillion yuan; the marginal effect of investment on GDP is weakening, In 2006, the ratio of the money supply to GDP was 1.6:1, and the ratio had surged to 2.9:1 in the three quarter 2016 years ago.General-Grinding Machine
      Because the latent risk of economic operation still exists, the marginal effect of investment on GDP is weakened greatly, and the key task of supply side structural reform will be intensified in the future period. In particular, the "go to capacity" and "deleveraging" focus on the task of advancing the future of macro-economy or will be in a tight adjustment of the large cycle, as the investment-driven machine tool industry operation and Development will continue to face the market downward pressure situation.General-Grinding Machine
       In recent years, the final consumption, capital formation and net exports of the three major components of the growth trend of the overall decline. The composition of the final consumption shows that the urban residents and the government are the main body of consumption, and the proportion of the two in 2015 is 57.2% and 26.4% respectively. Investment in particular need to pay attention to the January-November this year, although the whole society fixed assets investment rate of decline slowed down, but the manufacturing and equipment tools to purchase two segments of the investment growth rate still showed a significant decline in the trend, respectively, only 3.6% and 1.4%. The data suggest that market purchases in machine tool products are still being significantly weakened.
       Recently, the trend of industrial operation has also undergone three distinct stages of change. That is, the slow down phase (2014), in addition to iron and steel in the main subdivision of the industrial growth rate is higher than the industrial average (roughly between 8.3 8), a slow downward trend; steep drop phase (2015 1 to September), the increase in industrial value of the national growth rate fell to about 6.3%, in which the machine tool industry in the general equipment industry in the growth rate of 10% from 2014 to fall below 4%; State differentiation phase ( October 2015 to November 2016) although the national industrial growth rate stabilized at around 6%, but the major segments of the growth rate showed significant differentiation. With the support of the purchase tax preferential policy, the car has bucked the trend; steel and rail have been declining due to the investment cycle; general equipment, electrical machinery and metal products in the growth of real estate led to a small pick-up;General-Grinding Machine