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Introduction To The Operation Of CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Sep 15, 2017

     CNC Internal Grinder Safety Operating procedures and precautions: operators must be familiar with CNC internal grinder operating performance, strictly prohibit the use of internal cylindrical grinder. The operator should check the equipment before the operation of the existence of safety hazards, according to the lubricating oil injected into the map injection table. Before you start, check the following items: Check the relative position of the wheel dresser and the grinding wheel surface, prevent the other people to rotate the hand wheel freely, cause the collision accident to happen.CNC Internal Grinding Machine

     In response to the movement of the upper and lower bodies on a few occasions, pay attention to observe whether the upper material in the end of the trip switch signal and the top bar Reset command table forward of the switch signal is correct and adjust the appropriate. Before starting the electric spindle should open the cooling water pump and open to check whether the oil mist lubrication is normal, the hand-rotor spindle without abnormal can start the electric spindle, workpiece shaft. CNC Internal grinder should be the normal start when the protective cover, the lid put.CNC Internal Grinding Machine

     CNC Internal grinder In the work of the exception should be immediately shut down check. Before work, check the calibration of the internal grinder meter. Internal grinder coolant should be kept clean and regularly replaced. When cleaning the inner grinder, prevent dirt and coolant from entering the guide rail. Work finished put working hours, should clean the equipment, cut off the power supply, the mode of work selection switch in the "adjust" position, the workbench hand wheel in the "manual" position, make a good point check card records.CNC Internal Grinding Machine

    Operation of CNC Internal Grinder Note: Check the grinder grinding wheel has a crack, check the relative position of the grinding wheel and workpiece in case of hitting the workpiece. Internal cylindrical grinder Reciprocating reversing to be sensitive, reversing is not allowed, to adjust the block iron. When measuring the workpiece, it is necessary to wait until the grinding head stops and the grinding wheel exits. When the grinding wheel is trimmed, the person should stand on the side, and the first should be manually feed. In case of a grinding wheel burst or water, should immediately stop the internal grinder work.CNC Internal Grinding Machine