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Internal Grinding Machine Work Flow

Oct 18, 2017

The ball mill is the key equipment after the material is broken and then crushed. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and nonferrous metals processing and glass ceramics and other production industries, all kinds of ore and other grinding materials for dry or wet grinding.Internal Grinding Machine

Ball mill for grinding all kinds of ore and other materials, is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, can be divided into dry and wet two grinding methods. According to different ways of ore discharge, can be divided into lattice type and overflow type two. For the beneficiation, the use of one or two grinding, you can economically ore grinding to the mineralization required by any size. Two or more grinding, usually by the stage selection requirements.Internal Grinding Machine

Compared with the two processes, the main advantages of a grinding process are: less equipment, low investment, simple operation, will not be due to a grinding section of the impact of another grinding section of the work, less loss of downtime. But the mill to the mine a wide range of particle size, reasonable ball difficult, not easy to get a smaller final product, low grinding efficiency. The outstanding advantages of the two-stage grinding are the ability to obtain smaller products that can be coarsely and finely ground in different grinding sections, especially for stage treatment. In the large and medium-sized factories, when the grinding fineness is less than 0.15mm (ie 80% -200 mesh), the use of two grinding more economical, and the product size uniform composition, less crushing phenomenon.Internal Grinding Machine

Self-grinding process has two kinds of dry grinding and wet grinding. The use of wet grinding. In order to solve the problem of grinding in the mill, to improve the grinding efficiency, in the self-grinding machine by adding a small amount of steel ball, then called semi-self-grinding. Self-grinding often with crushing, ball milling, gravel grinding and other equipment to work together, according to its connection can be composed of a variety of processes.Internal Grinding Machine