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Improvement Of Internal Grinding Machine

Oct 11, 2017

The cement industry needs to grind a large amount of mineral raw materials. How to reduce the crushing energy consumption, improve production and quality, so that the grinding process optimization, has been the cement industry research staff efforts. Ordinary pipe mill grinding cement, first, when the product's specific surface area of more than 340m2 / kg, it will produce paste and agglomeration phenomenon, but the use of small size grinding body, the number of units by weight, the specific surface area The cement particle size distribution curve is steep, high strength, fine grinding cement will not occur cement agglomeration and agglomeration phenomenon; the second is due to the material in the mill at various parts of different particle size Of the material mixed together is not conducive to the use of different grinding body for grinding or grinding, resulting in high energy consumption, low yield.Internal Grinding Machine

Grinding sieving technology to transform the principle is to set up a conventional pipe mill screening device to replace the original compartment device, the former warehouse material forcibly sifted, blocking large particles, so that these large particles are still back to the ball Continue to use large size ball to break, qualified fine material into the back warehouse. At the same time according to the characteristics of the material itself, size, process status, the warehouse with the appropriate ball, paragraph level, to control the average size of the material into the warehouse. Fine grinding with a large surface area of small size grinding body, greatly improve the mill grinding capacity, resulting in high yield, high specific surface area of finished products, to maximize the efficiency of mill grinding.Internal Grinding Machine As the grinding of the core technology of the transformation of the core device - screening device performance is good or bad ordinary pipe mill transformation of the premise of success. So what kind of screening device is a good screening device? I believe that: First, the screening power to large, with gravity as a sieve power supplemented by radial packing pressure for screening, in order to make the screening efficiency, screening thoroughly; Second, the material is strong, good screening Power is not necessarily out of capacity like, but also must have a larger screening area, so that coarse and fine as soon as possible screening.Internal Grinding Machine