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Grinding Principle Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Jul 10, 2017

                 Centerless Grinding Method It is composed of three bodies, which are made up of abrasive wheel, adjusting wheel and workpiece bracket (bracket), the grinding wheel actually serves as the grinding work, adjusts the wheel control workpiece rotation, and causes the workpiece to enter the knife speed, as far as the workpiece bracket is in the grinding support workpiece, these three kinds of mechanical parts may have several kinds of cooperation method, but stops grinds except, the principle is identical.Centerless Grinding Machine.

                 Centerless Grinding Wheel is installed in centerless grinder used on the A wheel, it with the guide wheels, pallet interaction, composed of a grinding method, the workpiece is processed by the pallet holding, from the guide wheel to the pallet direction of the circular motion and drive the workpiece rotation by centerless grinding, in the grinding workpiece surface quality is higher, the precision is relatively high, grinding, the choice of grinding wheel size is also very important, coarse-grained centerless grinding wheel is often used in rough grinding, only processing the requirements not high workpiece, generally in order to speed up the grinding speed , the machining volume of the workpiece first processing will be used this method, this is due to its faster processing speed characteristics, but the workpiece finish is low.Centerless Grinding Machine.

                 And fine-grained centerless grinding wheel machining workpiece quality accuracy is the opposite, its processing speed is slightly slower, but the workpiece finish is high, such as the choice of granularity appropriate to achieve the mirror effect, therefore, the choice of centerless grinding wheel is to be based on the technical requirements of the workpiece specific selection. It also includes grinding wheel hardness, tissue density, and particle size selection. To grind different workpieces, the selected cutting fluids vary. Ordinary iron, we only need to use ordinary cutting fluid, and the grinding of soft parts of aluminum to use kerosene to cold cut.Centerless Grinding Machine.