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Grinders, Feed And So On Are There Any Queries?

Apr 05, 2017

1. internal grinder, which compared with the cylindrical grinding machine, are there similarities?

Internal cylindrical grinding machines and cylindrical grinding machines, both on the name, is a far cry from a Word, therefore they are different, such as in the processing of objects. Internal grinder, which is mainly used for grinding internal hole surface and surface, external circular grinding machine, which is used for grinding the outer hole. However, because they all belong to the grinder, in the context of grinding machine, so in some ways, is also common. So, the question, the answer is Yes.

2. internal grinder, wheel assemblies, is it important?

Internal cylindrical grinding machine, as with normal grinder, also have the corresponding wheel Assembly, and is also very important. However, strictly speaking, the question asked is not clear, because it specifically refers to the grinder for grinding head Assembly, or wheels installed, should be specified.

3. grinding wheel on the feed, based on what?

Internal cylindrical grinding machines with grinding wheel, the feed quantity, in General, is based on grinding wheel dressing to make. Moreover, the wheel properly trimmed, it will be easier and easier to grinding when feeding quantity can increase as long as allowed within the normal range, there is no problem.