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General-Grinding Machine Disk

Aug 29, 2017

              Jiande Grinder Permanent magnet sucker is designed by the principle of continuity of flux and superposition principle of magnetic field, the magnetic circuit of the permanent magnetic sucker of Jiande grinder is designed to be a plurality of magnetic systems, and through the relative motion of the magnetic system, the magnetic field intensity on the working magnetic pole surface can be added or eliminated, thus achieving the purpose of suction and unloading.General-Grinding Machine

              When the Jiande grinding machine is required to generate suction, the magnetic field lines from the magnet's n pole, through the magnetic yoke, through the iron magnetic workpiece, and then back to the magnetic yoke into the magnet's s pole. In this way, the workpiece can be firmly sucked on the Jiande grinder permanent magnet sucker. When the requirements of Jiande grinder permanent magnet sucker suction, magnetic field not to the work of the permanent magnet sucker, on the permanent magnet suction sucker to form a closed circuit, almost no magnetic lines from the permanent magnet sucker work on the surface, so the workpiece will not produce suction, you can successfully unload the workpiece.General-Grinding Machine

              Jiande Grinder Electromagnetic suction chuck inside the Wire ring (is the sucker on a line of copper bar), when the coil through the positive current, resulting in a large magnetic force, the object to absorb. Jiande Grinder Electromagnetic Chuck also has a function, is the function of demagnetization, will power off the table after the residual magnetism removed. When the coil reverse through the current, the production of a reverse magnetic field, the object is degaussing, easy to remove the processing pieces.General-Grinding Machine