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Discussion On NC Modification Of Grinding Wheel Dresser Of General-Grinding Machine

Aug 13, 2017

               In the modern machining industry, especially in the bearing processing industry, the utilization rate of the grinder is quite high. Whether it is an old-fashioned internal grinder, cylindrical grinder, surface grinder or a variety of CNC system today's grinder. The grinder is the most kinds of metal cutting machine tools, the main types are cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, surface grinder, centerless grinder and so on. The cylindrical grinder is the most widely used, capable of processing all kinds of cylinder and conical outer surface.General-Grinding Machine

               The grinder is a machine tool which uses the abrasive tools to grind the workpiece surface. Abrasive refers to the grinding wheel, in the grinding process is through the high-speed rotation of the wheel (line speed can reach 35m/s) on the bearing inside and outside the sleeve for grinding. Although the grinding wheel has its own sharp characteristics, but because the abrasive grains after grinding is not always able to automatically fall off or crack, combined with debris and adhesion agent will clog the grinding wheel pores, so that the grinding wheel can lose or reduce the cutting capacity, so the grinding wheel after a period of work should be trimmed. The grinding wheel is not well trimmed or trimmed. The surface of the workpiece will appear the following grinding traces: (1) There are cross Helix traces, (2) the surface of the fish scale, (3) The face of the NAP, (4) The workpiece surface burn marks, (5) surface roughness is not up to the requirements and so on.General-Grinding Machine

               In the grinding of precision parts, the grinding of the circular curved surface, especially the inner Raceway and inner ring raceway of the bearing outer ring is a technical difficulty, and the dressing of the grinding wheel plays an important role in the grinding accuracy. The traditional dressing of the grinding wheel is done by hand through the pen. However, the grinding wheel will produce the shape error of the circular arc, and the shape accuracy of the workpiece after machining is affected.General-Grinding Machine