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Cylindricity Error Of Centerless Grinding Machine

Jul 31, 2017

              Cylindricity error: The workpiece has roundness error because during the grinding process, the actual trajectory of the workpiece center deviates from the straight line of the theoretical trajectory, the workpiece rotates in the horizontal plane and the guide wheel is not properly trimmed, etc., it should be more specific to the dressing, such as the grinding wheels are too soft, the wear is uneven, should increase the number of dressing or increase grinding times.Centerless Grinding Machine

              Slender waist-shaped or drum-shaped 1. The workpiece produces a slender waist-shaped ① leading plate is inclined to the side of the grinding wheel, when the workpiece enters or launches the grinding area is tilted, grinding wheel end angle will grind the middle part of the workpiece more. Adjust the front and rear guide plate to the correct position ② wheel trim in the middle concave, cut into the grinding wheels in the middle of the grinding process, all result in a slender waist-shaped workpiece. Correct adjustment of wheel and grinding wheels to eliminate bump phenomenon.Centerless Grinding Machine

              2. The workpiece produces drum-shaped ① before and after the guide plate is tilted to the wheel, the workpiece inclined into the grinding area, so that the front-end grinding more, the workpiece will be introduced grinding zone, so that the back end grinding more. Must adjust the front and rear guides correctly. ② before and after the guide plate are lower than the outer round surface, workpiece into the grinding zone. will be lifted by the guide wheel, so that the workpiece to grinding wheels tilt; When the workpiece exits the grinding area, it will also tilt the workpiece, the tail to the grinding wheel, so that the workpiece at both ends of the grinding to more, the drum shape. The front and rear guide plate should be adjusted correctly so that it is not less than the outer round surface of the impeller.Centerless Grinding Machine