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Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Jul 31, 2017

             A grinding machine that is machined with a cylindrical, conical, or other shape-forming surface and an axle-shoulder end. The workpiece is supported between the two top of the head frame and the tailstock, and the dial plate of the header is driven by rotation to the circumferential feed motion. The head and tailstock are mounted on the worktable and can be used for longitudinal reciprocating feed movement (see machine Tools). The worktable is divided into two floors, the upper worktable can adjust a small angle to grind the conical surface. The grinding wheel frame with high speed rotating wheel is used for transverse feed movement. In order to reduce the length of machine tool, the general worktable is fixed, and the grinding wheel frame is used for longitudinal reciprocating movement and transverse feed motion. The grinding precision of cylindrical grinder is generally as follows: The roundness is not more than 3 microns, the surface roughness is Ra0.63~0.32 microns, and the high-precision cylindrical grinder can reach the roundness of 0.1 microns and Ra0.01 microns respectively.Cylindrical Grinding Machines

            The cylindrical grinder is divided into a cut-type cylindrical grinder, a universal cylindrical grinder and an end-face cylindrical grinder. ① cut into the cylindrical grinder: When the workpiece grinding site length is less than the width of the wheel, the grinding wheel only need to be continuous transverse feed, do not have to work with the workpiece relative axial movement, this grinder is a higher productivity. ② Universal Cylindrical Grinder: The grinding wheel frame is attached with an inner cylindrical grinding accessory (see fig), and the grinding wheel frame and the head frame can be adjusted by an angle around the vertical axis, and the spindle can rotate except for the rotation of the head frame. This kind of grinder can enlarge the processing range, can grind inside and outside cone with larger taper, suitable for small and medium size and single piece production. ③ End Surface Grinder: The grinding wheel frame is inclined to an angle with the vertical axis, and the grinding wheel surface is repaired into two grinding surfaces which are parallel and perpendicular to the workpiece axis, which can be used to grind the outer circle and the shoulder end face of the workpiece at the same time.Cylindrical Grinding Machines

            In addition, there is an efficient double grinding wheel cylindrical grinder and a grinding wheel cylindrical grinder, which can simultaneously grind two or more axle necks for high-volume production.Cylindrical Grinding Machines