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Core Device Of Internal Grinding Machine

Jul 03, 2017

      The cement industry needs to grind a large amount of mineral material. How to reduce the crushing energy consumption, improve the output and quality, make the grinding process optimization, has been the cement industry research personnel's efforts. Ordinary pipe mill grinding cement, one is when the product than the table area of 340m 2, will produce paste and caking phenomenon, however, the use of small size of the grinding body, because of the number of units, large specific surface area, the time of the impact of the number of grinding materials, cement particle size distribution curve steep, high strength, powder grinding high fine cement will not occur cement condensation and caking phenomenon Second, because the material in the mill in various parts of different particle size mixed together is not conducive to the use of different grinding body crushing or grinding, resulting in high energy consumption, low output.Internal Grinding Machine
     As the core device of the technical renovation of the mill, the quality of the sieving device is the precondition of the success of the ordinary pipe mill. So what kind of sieving device is a good screening device? I think: first, the screening power to be large, with gravity as a screening power assisted by the radial stacking pressure screening, to make screening efficiency, screening thoroughly; second, the ability of the material is strong, a good screening power is not necessarily over the material ability is good, must also have a larger screening area, so that the thickness of the material as soon as possible screening; third, the ventilation capacity, to maximize the improvement of internal ventilation, reduce the grinding temperature, to prevent the occurrence of undesirable phenomenon; Four is a strong self-cleaning ability, eliminate the blockage phenomenon of screening devices; Can make the ball warehouse to maintain the best ball ratio, in order to give full play to the crushing efficiency of the silo; six is long service life, this is often in the process of transformation by most of the use of manufacturers ignored.Internal Grinding Machine
     China's largest company used by the screening device is roughly divided into two categories, one is the lifting plate without screening board, long service life. But the sieving function is finished by the axial sieving plate, because the sieving power is the lateral stacking pressure, the sieving is not thorough, the performance is poor; the other is the lifting plate with sieving plate, the sieving power is gravity, and the sieving performance is good, but the wear is big and the service life is short. Due to the limitations of manufacturing capacity, many manufacturers Jerry-building, screening boards are generally used S 1mm stainless steel plate or S 3mm cold-rolled steel plate production, life generally in 6-8 months.Internal Grinding Machine