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Complex Characteristics Of Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

Sep 26, 2017

     Because of the simple use of grinder in China at present, it can not meet the increasing demand of production, and the mechanical manufacturing with high precision requires great reliance on the imported grinder equipment. So people in the industry began to develop grinders with more functionality, higher precision, and better performance.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

     Due to a lot of grinder castings, there are different small characteristics, these characteristics will have a large negative impact on the finite element model processing and analysis, so it is decided to simplify the processing of castings such as chamfer, fillet, retract groove and line groove without affecting the whole structure of each part.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

     The grinding machine has the characteristics of complex structure, so it is necessary to use the frequency domain method to make the modal fitting. Using frequency domain method to prevent loss of modal, we need to pay attention to the mode of order, modal collection, a total of 21-order mode was collected in the figure, because the grinder speed is not high, so only the first four-order mode of simulation test results are listed.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

    The column of the grinder is curved around the x-axis, the upper side amplitude is big, the lower side amplitude is small, the bed body has the rigid body displacement, the column bed body joint surface amplitude change is obvious. As a result, the influence factors on the lowest order mode are the stiffness of the whole machine along the z-axis and the joint of the column and the bed.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine

    When the machine is in the low-frequency stage, the displacement of the bed is small, however, the vibration of the column is very obvious, when the vibration of the column will cause the whole machine to bend the part of the head or the occurrence of a balanced vibration, when the grinding wheel has a clear balance of vibration, the grinding machine will directly affect the accuracy of the machining.Multi-function CNC Grinding Machine