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CNC Internal Grinder Which Puzzle Be Solved?

Apr 05, 2017

1. CNC internal grinding machines, whether it can be used for cylindrical or conical hole grinding?

This purpose CNC internal grinder this grinder, is to reach and implement, and that is no problem, because it is one of the functions of the grinder. And, besides this, you can also use the CNC internal grinder, on big parts, make a hole and end face grinding, and ensure their accuracy.

2. CNC internal grinding machines, why? In terms of specific role, what is it? As well, the semi-finishing grinding, is how much?

CNC internal grinder this grinder, it generally is for two-axis vertical CNC internal cylindrical, which can be in one clamping, to realize the inner hole, face, grinding and duojiekong, thus, to meet the processing requirements, and meet the accuracy requirements. As for the semi-finishing grinding, is mainly look at is as a clamping of the workpiece or the two clamping as well, the size and shape of the workpiece, it is up to them to decide, therefore, could not give specific numbers.

3. on the CNC internal grinder, whether its different types, in the program is the same?

This way, CNC internal grinding machine of Wuxi Chang Yi, the answer is not, because, CNC internal grinding machine manufacturer, its extent in the factory will be set up some macros, so that the operator just modify the parameters, you can use. However, different conditions, different artifacts, as well as under different processing requirements, programming, there is some difference, can't be exactly the same. So, will come to this conclusion.