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Advantages Of General-Grinding Machine

Aug 15, 2017

         CNC Cylindrical Grinder is now the most general market of the grinder, because of its simple operation and cost-effective user recognition, but the grinding efficiency is low, size instability and other problems in the processing of high-quality parts are often produced. CNC Cylindrical grinder In the grinding process workers often need to stop to manually measure whether the grinding has reached the size, efficiency is not high. In order to solve the above problems, a high-precision cylindrical grinder controlled by plc and CNC has appeared. Its excellent performance and efficient efficiency is changing the user's habit of manipulating the cylindrical grinder. CNC Cylindrical Grinder To improve the PLC control or CNC control problems, for the factory to provide different varieties of grinding solutions.General-Grinding Machine
     Its main advantages are: CNC Cylindrical grinder with a programmable system, can be automatically grinding, but also through the electronic first-round remote control. With alarm system, equipment problems will automatically alarm, automatic shutdown, and the failure of the display immediately marked on the screen to be processed. To ensure the long-term and stable use of equipment. The y-axis is movable as a column, which can guarantee the precision of machining workpiece, the x-axis is hydraulic operation with double hydraulic cylinder, and the characteristic load is Y-axis, z-axis are all motor-driven. Grinding head for static and dynamic pressure spindle, characterized by high processing precision, grinding force, strong rigidity, strong stability, theoretically, it is never worn, with a separate hydraulic station, with air-cooled system. Individually sealed hydraulic system, air cooling system, separate lubrication system. This type of equipment is characterized by high machining precision, high grinding force and efficiency, which can guarantee the precision and production efficiency.General-Grinding Machine
     CNC Cylindrical Grinder Operating Procedures: Before operation should carefully read the machine tool manual, understand the performance characteristics of machine tools, specifications, safety and technical measures, etc. before starting the machine, the grinding wheel frame should be back position, the distance between the grinding wheel and the worktable should not be less than the speed of the trip, the rest of the control handle, feed handle and so on must also be in the stop position, the system power, the power switch "QS" to hit the "" (on) position, in the manual mode in order to start the hydraulic motor, static pressure motor, grinding wheel motor; Machine tool must return to the reference point before processing, in order to ensure that the worktable moving without interference, the first x-axis, and then back to the z-axis; Should check the reference point switch on a regular basis and whether the loose CNC external cylindrical grinder operation, the protective door must be closed, operators should not be on the General-Grinding Machine