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Types And Uses Of General-Grinding Machine

Jun 08, 2017

    General Grinding Modular, CNC Grinding Machines and Universal Grinding Machines are required to complete the same grinding function.General-Grinding Machine

In the cylindrical grinding, should have the support and bring the workpiece rotation and reciprocating function: should have a high-speed grinding wheel rotation and can achieve the function of feed displacement. This is the basic function to complete the cylindrical grinding, is the necessary conditions for the existence of the product. (Including drive, spindle, positioning, drive, etc.), tailstock module, table module (including drive, positioning, etc.), wheel frame module (including drive, spindle system, positioning, protection , Drive, feed, etc.), grinding center (can realize the outer circle, the inner circle, the end face, the outer surface of the grinding machine) turntable module and grinding wheel dressing module. These modules are set up on a bed platform, plus some control systems and auxiliary function modules, you can develop a universal grinder. These modules are characterized by:

Function independent module is independent, easy on the unified platform and with a strong independent of the electrical, digital, detection, hydraulic and cooling systems and other modules, constitute a variety of varieties, to achieve different processing accuracy, different performance, different automation Degree and different processing efficiency of the machine.

Basic parts of the functional basis of the machine refers to the large parts, such as bed, table, box and slide, etc., most of them use castings or welding parts, rough preparation, processing cycle is long, affecting the rapid development of products. So the entire series of modular design generally only use similar large parts as the basis, will be functional, so that the machine can expand the work space to adapt to the appearance of different machine layout, shape and protection: the machine specifications, performance in the premise of ensuring stiffness Under the possibility of change. A grinder bed module, can be adapted to a variety of box, slide fixed, universal, face round, high efficiency cut into the type or other special machine.General-Grinding Machine

Adapt to the application of new technologies The current application of new technologies is often to improve efficiency (high-speed), improve processing accuracy (nano-level), automation (numerical control), flexibility, network as the main purpose. As long as the basic part of the module or in the box, slide module to leave some space to add some modules can be achieved.General-Grinding Machine

Functional components of the socialization of the modular thinking under the guidance of various functional components, such as drive systems, control systems, spindle systems, rails, ball screw, cooling systems, refrigeration systems, detection systems, such as the independence, standardization and professional Manufacturing, and promote the development of modular design method. The large number of functional grids for CNC grinders come from the factory's own universal grinder modules and the commercially available functional components. Internal mill, for the hole grinding machine. Small grinding machine for hand-held power tools, is a second type of power tools.General-Grinding Machine

1, grinding machine (lapping machine) is coated with or embedded in the grinding of the workpiece surface grinding of the grinding machine. Mainly used for grinding the workpiece in the high-precision plane, inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical, threaded surface and other profiles. The main types of grinding machine are disc grinding machine, rotary grinding machine and a variety of special grinding machine.

2, grinder control system to PLC as the control core, text display for the man-machine dialogue interface control. Man-machine dialogue interface can be equipment maintenance, operation, failure and other information and dialogue; user interface intuitive and convenient, program control, simple operation. Omnidirectional safety considerations, abnormal operation of the abnormal state is invalid. Real-time monitoring, fault, false alarm, easy maintenance.