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The Characteristics Of CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Jun 08, 2017

    CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used for pots and large bearing rings parts of the hole, the end of grinding, to ensure that the hole and the end of the accuracy. Is a new generation of high-precision, high-efficiency production machine. The entire grinding cycle of the machine is automatically completed, the operator only need to dismantle the workpiece.CNC Internal Grinding Machine

    CNC internal grinding machine for grinding cylindrical and conical holes, can also be grinding the outer and end face. Work spindle, the inner round grinding head, cylindrical grinding head are used oil mist lubrication. CNC internal grinding machine system programming function is strong, easy to learn, and has a variety of special requirements to meet the grinding processing, to meet the needs of users of a variety of parts processing.CNC Internal Grinding Machine

    CNC internal grinding machine for the two-axis vertical NC inner circle, a clamping grinding hole, small end, multi-hole.

    Machine round grinding head using high-power electric grinding head, using static drive drive. All rails are made of high precision, high vibration resistance of the Swiss Shi Naibo roller guide. The machine control system uses Siemens, the feed shaft is driven by the Siemens servo motor ball screw. Workpiece spindle with high precision contact with the ball bearings, the workpiece speed AC frequency, stepless speed regulation. Machine guide and ball screw are lubricated by the lubrication station automatically. And has a sealed cover protection. Machine tools can be equipped with a cylinder for the fixture power source of the multi-point pitch positioning of the pot tooth automatic fixture and a variety of special fixtures. Machine size control using a fixed grinding, optional grille closed-loop control. Coolant filter with magnetic plus paper precision filter device.CNC Internal Grinding Machine