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Main characteristics of this machine tools

This machine tools is mainly used for grinding of internal hole, internal end face, external end face and stepped hole of work piece.

This machine tools body adopts castings with good rigidity and small deformation.

Setting and adjustment of machine tools parameters adopt touch screen.Human-machine dialogue can be realized.

All the movable guide rails of machine tools adopt high-precision linear rolling guide rails which have good sliding performance. Screws for feed and reciprocating motion adopt high-precision ball screws.

The feed system and reciprocating system of machine tools adopt Japanese Mitsubishi servo system for double-axis linkage control.

Grinding wheel spindle of machine tools adopts high-speed motorized spindle and is controlled by static frequency converter, so as to realize stepless adjustment.

The headstock adopts high-precision ball bearing. The rotating speed of work piece is controlled by AC frequency converter, so as to realize stepless speed adjustment.