Wholesale and stable model M250A performance Stepped hole internal grinding machine

The M250A model internal cylindrical grinder can grind a cylindrical hole with a diameter of 150~500 mm and a conical hole with a small taper, and the maximum grinding depth is 450 mm. This machine is mainly suitable for single and small batch production, work by hydraulic transmission, and can continuously adjust the speed,and the grinding wheel can do the micro transverse feeding, the worktable do each reciprocating stroke,the grinding wheel feed once. the workpiece can make lateral adjustment, the trimming action of the grinding wheel is manipulated by hydraulic handle and can continuously adjust the dressing speed.

Product Details

M250A Internal Grinding Machine Tool

 Adjustment and use of machine tools

Before operating machine tools, operators must have a detailed understanding of the structure of each part of machine tools, so that we can correctly adjust and use, and correctly maintain and maintain machine tools. According to figure 8-1 lubrication shown in full figure oil before driving, adjust and operate the machine according to the following principles.

(1) pre operation adjustment (see Figure 7-1)

1, the adjustment of each bump and press board on the workbench:

(1) 16 block in the table should be left when the left wheel surface projecting workpiece of 1/3 wheel width and the reversing handle 25 to the middle position of collision.

(2) block in 14 to be the table right, right end wheel width of the grinding wheel and the workpiece from the 1/3 to the middle position between the reversing handle 25.

(3) block 12 should be in the right table, grinding wheel dresser diamond tip exit 2-3 mm and the reversing handle 25 to the middle position of collision.

(4) block 13 should be in the state of the left wheel dresser, exit 2-3 mm diamond tip and the reversing handle 25 to the middle position of collision.

(5) when grinding, 21 screws should be 3~5 mm away from the long right side of the front part of the bed when it is on the right side of the table.

(6) according to the size of the grinding hole and the size of the grinding wheel, the relative position of the center line between the workpiece spindle and the grinding shaft is adjusted, so that the wheel and the end face of the workpiece can be avoided after driving, resulting in accidents of the body and equipment.

In the above adjustment, we should take into account the difference between the worktable's slow and slow speed. After adjusting, we should trim it when moving at work speed, especially when grinding through holes and stepped holes.

M250A 图片.png

Main Specifications

1.The diameter of the grinding hole is 150~500 mm

2.The maximum stroke of the worktable is 725 mm

3.The maximum horizontal movement of the head of the bed is 250 mm

4.The rotational speed of the workpiece is 28, 38, 57, 160, 212, 320v.p.m

5.The maximum lateral movement of the grinding wheel is 100 mm

6.The rotation speed of the grinding wheel is 2450~4200 v.p.m

7.The flow rate of the hydraulic pump is 25 1/min

8.The flow rate of the cooling pump is 45 l/min

9.The size of the machine tool (long x width x) is about 3760 x 1650 x 1830 mm

10.The weight of the machine tool is about 4500 kg


1.Q: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

A: We are a manufactuer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders 

more than 10 years. Currently, the representive machine tools produced by our company can grind cylindrical bore, conical bore, counter bore, internal and surface, external end surface, external circle and other various spare parts with complex grinding requirements.

2.Q: How can I get the quotation?

A: Please send us information for quote: drawing and dimension of work piece, quantity and precision request.

3.Q: If we don't have drawing, can you make drawing for me?

A: Sorry, we can not make the drawing for you, but you can tell us the detail requirements of work pieces.

4.Q: What is your main order time?

A: Order time: 30-60 days after the payment. The accurate time depends on your product.

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