Precision Hydraulic Drive Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines Of Model M215A

Internal grinding machine of model M215A The machine tool is used in the grinding of the small-bore inner hole, stepped hole and taper bore. The machine guide rail utilizes the double v-type preloading, high precision rolling guide rail with good rigidity. Adopt the high speed electric grinding...

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Machine bed case

The workpiece spindle by double speed motor through a pair of two pulley and a triangular belt to drive the four level speed. The high and low speed of the motor is controlled by a switch on the front of the front operating board of the electric box. The tightness of the belt is adjusted by the pressing wheel. The grinding taper hole, loosen the headstock and the bottom fixed three ball nut, turn the hands from the left headstock, the ruler can read the rough rotary angle, precise taper to fine tune the device in the ground with bedside positive plus calibration of dial indicator. The large adjustment of workpiece relative to the radial position of the grinding wheel can loosen the four screws fixed on the slide plate T groove (two inside six corners screws are in front of the headstock, two are outer six angle screws behind the head of the bed), then the hand goes to the right place to tighten it again.

Feed mechanism can complete the following actions: (1) a hand wheel to adjust the radial rotation of the grinding wheel and workpiece relative position, or manually retracting; (2) grinding hydraulic automatic feeding table of each feed at a time; (3) hand micro feed; (4) when the workpiece loading and unloading and measurement fast moving cylinder under the action of fast reciprocating movement.

There is a pair of speed reducing gear between the handwheel shaft and the screw rod. One end of the screw is mounted on the right end of the piston rod of the cylinder with the action of two pull springs, and the other end is relatively slid along the axis of the sliding sleeve. Therefore, when rotating the handwheel, the screw is rotated at the original position, and the nut moves along with the slide box feed box. When grinding, the right chamber of the fast moving cylinder is filled with pressure oil, and the oil pressure on the left side of the oil cylinder is loaded on the workpiece loading and unloading position.

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