Long-term Sales Internal Grinding Machine Of Model M250A

Internal grinding machine of model M250A The machine tool is used in the grinding of the small-bore inner hole, stepped hole and taper bore. The machine tool utilizes the layout of the headstock for fixation, the workbench reciprocating, and the grinding wheel rack for feed movement. The work...

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Long-term Sales Internal Grinding Machine Of Model M250A


Adjustment of the position of the grinding wheel dresser

(1) loosen the nut 14 and move along the bottom of the T slot on the long bed. The longitudinal movement dresser base is fixed at the right place, that is, the diamond tip of the dressing wheel of the wheel dressing is about 10 millimeters away from the right end of the grinding wheel when the wheels are all out of work.

(2) the screw 8 is loosened, and the transverse position of the diamond blade tip is preliminarily adjusted along the T groove of the base.

(3) the rotating hand is 1, which accurately adjusts the transverse position of the tip of the diamond knife.

(4) loosening the screw cap 13, rotating screw 12, adjusting the diamond blade tip at the same height at work and the axis of the grinding wheel. The diamond tip should be kept sharp, and 9 of the diamond tip should be rotated in every class.

the adjustment of the grinding cone 

(1) use special spanner to rotate the screw rod 1, through the nut 10, make the headstock box move around the support 4, move the screw slightly 14, and the scale value is marked by sign 11.

(2) in order to adjust the position of the workpiece and the center of the grinding wheel, the nut 5 should be loosened first, and the screw head 3 should be rotated with a special wrench to make the headbox move laterally. After adjusting, the nut 5 should be fastened to avoid the corrugation of the grinding surface due to the vibration of the headstock.

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internal cylindrical grinder machine

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1. Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

We are a manufactuer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders more than 12 years.Currently, the representive machine tools produced by our company can grind cylindrical bore, conical bore, counter bore, internal and surface, external end surface, external circle and other various spare parts with complex grinding requirements.
2. How can I get the quotation?
Please send us information for quote reply: drawing and dimension of work piece, quantity and precision request.
3. If we don't have drawing, can you make drawing for me?
Sorry, we can not make the drawing for you, but we can give you suggestion according to the detail requirements of work pieces.
4. When can I get the sample?
You can bring your work piece, and grinding it to meet your accuracy requirements before shipment.

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