Good quality and durable model MD215A End surface / Double ended Internal grinding machine

MD215A End face and Internal grinding machine The main features of the machine tool this machine is mainly used for grinding small diameter hole, step hole, the inner taper hole. This machine adopts double V type preloading, high precision rolling guide rail, good rigidity. Using high speed and...

Product Details

MD215A End Face and Internal Grinding Machine 

Transmission System

Grinding Wheel Drive

This machine adopts electric grinding wheel shaft and power supply by AC frequency converter. The rotational speed of the grinding wheel is obtained by the frequency converter.

In general, the machine tool is equipped with 3SDXT48x14 electric grinding wheel shaft, and the speed range is 24000r/min-48000r/min. If the user needs to improve the efficiency of small hole grinding, to the factory orders 4SD90 special high frequency electric spindle and 3SDZ60x10 electric spindle speed were 90000r/mi and 60000r/min, grinding a big aperture can order the 2SDXT24x14 speed range of 16000r/min-24000r/min.

Work Piece Drive

The double speed motor, which is installed on the back of the headbox, drives the main shaft of the workpiece through a pair of two grade triangular pulley to get the speed of four. The tightness of the belt is regulated by the pressing wheel. The transmission ratio of the two stage pulley is 60:152 and 78:139 respectively. The synchronous speed of the double speed motor is at 50 HZ: 750/1500 r/min and 60 HZ: 900/1800 r/min.

Feed Drive

The feed mechanism is driven by a servo motor, and the feed slider is moved through the drive ratio of the 1:1 coupling and the ball screw nut pair with the pitch of t=6mm.

Worktable Hand Drive

The worktable hand mechanism is installed in front of the bed. Counterclockwise rotation of eccentric sleeve makes the pinion gear meshing with rack on the table. Turning the small hand wheel can directly move the worktable, and rotate the eccentric sleeve clockwise, so that the pinion and rack can be disconnected. The ball head on the hand hand mechanism is used for rotating the eccentric sleeve, its position (upper and lower) indicating the meshing state pinion and rack.

The movement of small hand wheel per turn table is: 1 x 17 x pi = 53.4 mm (2.087 ")

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