Large-scale Processing and Good Price Model MS-1 Lengthen Deep Hole Grinder/ Cylindrical Deep Hole Internal Grinding Machine

MS-1 Deep Hole Internal grinding machine Main characteristics of this machine tools This machine tools is mainly used for grinding of internal hole, internal tapered hole and stepped hole of deep hole internal circle. The headstock spindle adopts AC frequency converter for stepless speed...

Product Details

MS-1 Deep Hole Internal Grinding Machine 


The main purpose and scope of application

MS type machine tool is mainly suitable for grinding deep hole parts such as landing gear. Diameter of grinding hole 45 ~ 160mm, the maximum depth is 750mm.

This machine tool is suitable for single batch production.

Three, transmission system

Drive system

The headstock of machine tool is driven by belt, which can realize stepless speed regulation

The compound motion is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and can be stepless speed regulation. The transverse feed motion is made of a screw nut machine

The grinding frame can be moved rapidly in the transverse direction for measurement and adjustment. Grinding wheel

The drive is driven by a belt pulley, and different pulleys are used to change the speed of the grinding wheel.

performance and results are briefly introduced

head box 

The headstock spindle is driven by a planetary friction wheel stepless speed regulating machine through a belt pulley. Its rotation speed

Second through two points, on the belt pulley. Low gear speed: 40 ~ 270r/min, high

The speed of the gear is 80 ~ 600r/min. In addition, the headstock vertical position in the rotary board,It can also be adjusted by the screw rod installed on the headstock.

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Internal Cylindrical Grinder Machine

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Internal Cylindrical Grinder Machine

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