Internal Bore Grinding Machines

Internal Bore Grinding Machines
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Inner hole grinding grinder Main Structure and Performance

1. Grinding wheel spindle of Internal Bore Grinding Machines

Precision Deep Hole Internal Grinder another name is Internal Bore Grinding Machines.

The front and rear bearing of main shaft adopt two pairs of radial-thrust ball bearing with high precision. Internal bore grinding machines tool is equipped with two grinding wheel spindles. A grinding wheel spindle with the small out diameter adopts a “C” font of sleeve supplied with the machine for installation. With the observation from the end of belt pulley, the main shaft of grinding wheel rotates clockwise.


2. Gear Head Stock

Use the change-over switch to select the revolving speed of two-speed motor of main shaft of drive work piece. The front and rear bearing of main shaft are the paired radial-thrust ball bearings with preload and high precision. The gear head with the base are installed on the workbench. When grinding cone hole, they can turn around their vertical axis in the plane. Loosening three tightening screws between the gear head stock and the base can turn the gear head stock and adjust the rotation angle. The accurate adjustment of rotation angle is conducted between the base and the working table.


3. Grinding Support

Internal Bore Grinding Machines mainly consists of bridge plate, feed sliding plate, drive motor of grinding wheel spindle, etc. the bridge plate is fixed on the right of lathe bed. The feed nut is fixed at the bottom of the sliding plate. The gap between it and screw rod is automatically eliminated by two long tension springs under the bridge plate. The tension of drive belt of grinding wheel spindle is obtained through moving the base plate of motor. The long stop iron on the reverse side of grinding wheel spindle seat and the roller on the dresser are the safe device. The grinding wheel spindle seat can move along T slot of sliding plate to adjust the radial relative position between the grinding wheel and work piece.


4. Feed Mechanism

Feed mechanism (i.e. feed box) is installed on the both ends of bride plate of grinding support, and is connected by screw rod and nut that is fixed on the feed sliding plate. The action of feed mechanism is passed to the feed sliding plate to control the radial relative motion between grinding wheel and work piece. Relative motion is conducted along the guide rail of grinding support.

5. Grinding Wheel Dresser

The grinding wheel dresser is fixed on a bracket that can move lengthways along the T-shaped slot of the upper part of the workbench. The turret head falling of dresser is hydraulically operated. The adjusting screw at the bottom left of turret head is used in adjusting the constant height of the diamond top end and the axis of grinding wheel.

Diamond Support rod

Fine-tuning handle


Tension spring


Adjusting screw for constant height of diamond tool top end and grinding wheel center line

6. Workbench and Stroke Valve

There are the upper and lower T-shaped slot at the side face of the workbench. The upper T-shaped slot is fixed with four collision blocks that act on the hydraulic reversing handle and switch the operation direction of the workbench. Stroke valve and switch valve of grinding wheel dressing are combined and located on the hydraulic control console in the lathe bed. The long pressing plate at the back part of the workbench is set to change the fast reverse stroke distance.


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