Model MS-2 deep hole internal grinding machine/deep hole internal grinder with High precision and strong stiffness

Model MS-2  deep hole internal grinding machine/deep hole internal grinder with High precision and strong stiffness
Product Details

MS-2 Deep Hole Internal Grinding Machine

This machine tool is the chuck type of general internal grinding machine that is used in grinding the cylindrical or conical inner bore (through-hole or no through-hole) on mechanical parts of small batch production. The layout of machine tool adopts the transverse feed movement of grinding wheel and the vertical reciprocation movement of workbench. Machine tool is light and handy, and floor area is small.

The vertical reciprocation movement of workbench is hydraulic transmission, and can be step less speed regulating. The rapid advance and retreat of the workbench, grinding and finishing speed can be transferred automatically. Grind wheel dressing is manipulated by hydraulic handle.

The transverse feed motion of grinding wheel can be manual or hydraulic. In the course of the hydraulic feed, if the workbench doesn’t finish a reciprocating motion, grinding wheel conducts a micro feed motion (i.e. periodic feed). Amount of feed can be step less adjustment.

Feeding system is equipped with jump mechanism, and grinding wheel can jump out and into. Grinding wheel can finish at the fixed position of jumping out of the work piece, and grind at the position of jumping in. the terminal point of feed can be limited by inactive block. The accuracy of repeat positioning is good, so set the stroke for grinding in the course of batch production to control the dimensional accuracy of work piece.

Feed system has two feed drive chains, namely, grinding feed chain and the chain of adjustment and dressing feed. They are mutual noninterference.

The fast reverse stroke distance of work piece can be adjusted in a certain range to adapt to the needs of different lengths and measurement area of work piece. This is helpful to reduce the idle stroke time and to improve work efficiency.

Electrical control equipment is installed in the electrical cabinet on the right side of lathe bed, which is easy to manipulate and repair. For the electric system, adopt the protection measures of automatically cutting off power supply to prevent the shock risk due to longer duration.

Our Advantage

Internal Cylindrical Grinder Machine

1.More than ten years experience of industry products.

2.All models have been approved by ISO9001 and CE certification and other authority.

3.Professional services and technical support.

4.The competitive price of better quality.

5.On time delivery, in general 30-45 days. Multimode payment: T/T, L/C from first class bank is accept so far.


1.Q: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

A: We are a manufactuer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders more than 13 years. Currently, the representive machine tools produced by our company can grind cylindrical bore, conical bore, counter bore, internal and surface, external end surface, external circle and other various spare parts with complex grinding requirements.

2.Q: If we don't have drawing, can you make drawing for me?

A: Sorry, we can not make the drawing for you, but you can tell us the detail requirements of work pieces.

3.Q: What is your main order time?

A: Order time: 30-45 days after the payment. The accurate time depends on whether there's parts on stock.

4.Q: Where is your Loading Port?

A: Usually, Shanghai, China, If you need other sea port, inform in advance.