Semi Automatic Surface Grinder

semi automatic surface grinder Main features: this machine is a single axis servo motor driven semi-automatic CNC internal grinder, suitable for small diameter’s through hole grinding. This machine is a semi automatic cycle, feeding speed, grinding speed, and trimming speed can be automatic...

Product Details

semi automatic surface grinder Main features:

main structure and performance

 layout of machine tools (see Figure 4-1 drive system)

The machine tool layout adopts the workpiece as the horizontal feed movement, and the grinding wheel is the type of longitudinal reciprocating movement.

The machine tool is light and the area is small.

MB215 Semi-automatic  Semi-automatic CNC internal  grinders.jpg


machine tool guide (see Figure 4-1 drive system)

The reciprocating guide and feed guide of the worktable are all preloaded with cross rolling guide

Rail. The rolling body on the machine tool uses the same specification of the roller. The size of the roller is detailed in this specification.

Reference diagram for vulnerable parts.

There are two states of "adjustment" and "grinding" during the longitudinal movement of 5.3 worktable worktable. The machine when adjusting the rotary ball head hands to top position, then the gear and rack meshing mechanism, through the hand table to move back and forth. In the grinding cycle, the machine is driven by hydraulic cylinder, switch transmission and PLC program, so that the worktable can be grinded automatically. In the grinding machine, should be put to the small ball position, the gear and gear rack, in order to avoid the table wear on the move and gear rack between.

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