Hot Sales Model MK215 and MK2110 CNC Precision Internal Grinding Machine/ Internal Grinders

MK215 CNC Internal grinding machine tool is mainly used for grinding of internal hole, internal end face, external end face and stepped hole of work piece at once clamping. The machine tools body is casted by cast iron with compact structure, good...

Product Details

MK215 CNC Internal Grinding Machine

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Overall Structure

1.The machine a workpiece can grinding step hole, the outer end face and inner taper hole at once clamping.

2.The machine bed is made of wear resistant cast iron. It has good thermal stability and strong rigidity.

3.The machine adopts closed casing, observation window for open mesh cover and organic glass structure, to prevent wheel broken after splash. The overall waterproof performance of the machine tool is good.

4.Machine tool using grinding rack reciprocating, bedside box feed mode of work. The grinding frame is composed of a carriage and a grinding tool seat.

Spindle of Work Piece

1.The spindle bearing front and rear ends are used as diagonal contact bearings, in order to improve the service life and rigidity of the main shaft of the workpiece.

2.The machine adopts manual feeding and unloading, the workpiece clamping adopts three claws or hydraulic clamp, and has self centering clamping function.

Reciprocating Mechanism (X Axis)

1.The worktable reciprocating mechanism guide rail adopts double V type pre charged high precision rolling cross rail, in order to improve the accuracy and rigidity of reciprocating movement of machine tool.

2.Digital control servo motor drives ball screw through coupling to make the table reciprocating movement.

Feeding Mechanism (Z Axis)

1.Headstock slide feeding part of the guide rail also adopts high precision rolling cross double V type rail, to ensure the accuracy and rigidity of machine tool reciprocating feed.

2.Digital control servo motor drives ball screw through coupling to realize reciprocating movement of feed mechanism.

3.Realize the two axis linkage.


1.Q: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

A: We are a manufactuer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders 

more than 10 years. Currently, the representive machine tools produced by our company can grind cylindrical bore, conical bore, counter bore, internal and surface, external end surface, external circle and other various spare parts with complex grinding requirements.

2.Q: If we don't have drawing, can you make drawing for me?

A: Sorry, we can not make the drawing for you, but you can tell us the detail requirements of work pieces.

3.Q: When can I get the sample?

A: You can bring your work piece, and grinding it into the production which you need before shipment. Accurate time depends on your production.

4.Q: What is your main order time?

A: Order time: 30-60 days after the payment. The accurate time depends on your product.