CNC Internal Grinder

CNC Internal Grinder
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CNC Internal Grinder

Grinding Wheel Spindle System

The machine tool adopts high rigidity and high precision grinding machine main shaft, and the grinding wheel shaft is controlled by frequency converter, so that the rotation speed of grinding wheel can be adjusted conveniently, stepless speed regulation can be realized.

Hydraulic System

If the machine tool needs to use hydraulic clamp, the power source is supplied by the external oil tank, and guarantees the temperature rise of the hydraulic oil smaller under the normal working condition. Compact structure, small footprint.

Lubrication System

The machine adopts independent central lubrication system. After starting the machine tool, the lubrication system works before other actions. Give the Reliable lubrication of moving parts such as table and feed mechanism, guide rail, lead screw, etc.

Cooling System

The cooling system of machine tool adopts large capacity water tank. The bottom of the water tank is provided with a rolling wheel for easy movement.

Electrical System of Bearing Grinding Machine

1.The machine tool control system adopts the Germany SIEMENS 828D CNC system, which can realize automatic feed, automatic trimming of grinding wheel, self-compensation, automatic cycle grinding of inner hole and end surface. And can do the automatic detection and alarm to the CNC system failure, has record vitae of alarms.

2.Color LCD display, through the man-machine interface, it can be convenient and quick realization of size numerical value, grinding wheel numerical value, grinding parameter input. It is easy to set up without complicated programming. It has multiple functions of cyclic subroutine calls, and has the functions of fault alarm, self diagnosis and grinding wheel life management.

3.The machine tool is equipped with a mobile handheld unit, which can be used to adjust the tool setting of parts conveniently

4.Electrical distribution box and machine tool integral structure, electric box in the upper part of machine tool, routing criterion, line number is clear. Special air heat exchanger for electric box configuration in electric box. The control box is arranged in front of the closed shell and can be turned, so that the operation can be adjusted conveniently.

5.Equipped with tricolor alarm lamp.

Delivery Date

In general, the delivery time of our auto grinding machines is about 120 days.


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