CNC Internal Bore Grinding Machine

Application: This machine is two axis CNC Internal Grinder, mainly used for grinding the inner hole, inner taper hole, step hole and internal end face and outer end face, these grindings are all automatically completed, including automatic feeding, automatic rough grinding, fine grinding,...

Product Details


This machine is two axis CNC Internal Grinder, mainly used for grinding the inner hole, inner taper hole, step hole and internal end face and outer end face, these grindings are all automatically completed, including automatic feeding, automatic rough grinding, fine grinding, automatic wheel dressing, self- compensation, manual compensation and other functions.

Overall structure:

The machine bed is formed of wear-resistant cast iron. It has good thermal stability and strong rigidity.

The machine adopts fully enclosed shell, machine tool Postposition knapsack mist electric box and preposition rotating operation desk, and equipped with mist absorption device. observation windows use open mesh cover with organic glass structure, to prevent injury on others because of splashing after wheel broken. The opening and closing of the protective door can be controlled by program or manual control.

The system reserves 4 pairs of input and output interface, which is convenient for users to expand themselves.

The machine tool adopts the working way of the table reciprocating and grinding rack feeding. The grinding frame consisted of bridge plate and carriage plate and abrasive seat.

Main spindle of work piece:

The main shaft bearings are made of Japanese NSK into diagonal contact bearings, so as to improve the service life and the rotary accuracy of the main shaft.

The spindle speed of the workpiece is controlled by a frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation.The coarse, fine grinding and gear adjustment can be realized in the NC process to meet the needs of grinding in actual processing.

the machine tool clamping uses three jaw self centering chuck or four jaw chuck, also can equipped with hydraulic clamp according to the customer demand.

Feed axis (X axis):

The feed mechanism guide adopts the Germany Rexroth high precision rolling linear guide rail to improve the movement accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool feed shaft.

The digital control servo motor drives the ball screw directly through the non-backlash coupling, and realizes the gapless and highly sensitive linear motion.

The guide rail and the lead screw are all equipped with protective devices to ensure the accuracy and life of the machine tools.

Reciprocating shaft system (Z axis):

Work table guide rail also adopts Germany Rexroth High precision rolling linear guide rail to ensure the accuracy and rigidity of reciprocating motion of the machine tool.

The servo motor is controlled by the numerical control system, and the ball screw is driven by the coupling to realize the reciprocating motion of the table.

Grinding wheel axis:

The machine adopts high power, high rigidity and high precision high frequency motorized spindle. The main shaft is driven by frequency converter. It can adjust the speed of grinding wheel axis and realize stepless speed regulation.

Electric spindle lubrication adopts special cooling and lubricating device.

The electric spindle cooling box adopts independent cooling water tank and is equipped with water supply protection function.

Hydraulic system

This machine adopts an external oil tank to ensure that the temperature rise of the hydraulic oil is less under normal working conditions. Compact structure, small footprint.

Lubrication system

The machine adopts independent central lubrication system. After starting the machine tool, the lubrication system works before other actions.Give the Reliable lubrication of moving parts such as table and feed mechanism, guide rail, lead screw, etc.

Cooling system

The cooling system of machine tool adopts large capacity water tank. The bottom of the water tank is provided with a rolling wheel for easy movement.

Electric system

The machine tool control system adopts the Germany SIEMENS 828D CNC system, which can realize automatic feed, automatic trimming of grinding wheel, self-compensation, automatic cycle grinding of inner hole and end surface. And can do the automatic detection and alarm to the CNC system failure, has record vitae of alarms. The main electrical components are from France Schneider.

The system has 8.4 inch color LCD display,Trough man-machine interface dialogue, convenient to achieve the imput of dimension, the grinding wheel numerical value and the grinding parameters, simple setting without complex programming, with a variety of recycling program call function, and fault alarm, self diagnosis, grinding wheel life management and other functions

The machine tool is equipped with a mobile handheld unit, which can be used to adjust the tool setting of parts conveniently. It is especially used in multiple types, medium and large quantities of production.

Electrical distribution box and machine tool integral structure, electric box in the upper part of machine tool, routing criterion, line number is clear. Special air heat exchanger for electric box configuration in electric box. The control box is arranged in front of the closed shell and can be turned, so that the operation can be adjusted conveniently.

Equipped with tricolor alarm lamp and electrical Gridning wheel shaft.

Other projects

External circle trimming of the ordinary grinding wheel uses the diamond single point trimmer pen, and the diamond grinding wheel is trimmed by diamond roller. It can be automatically trimmed and self-compensation, and the amount of truing and finishing can be remembered.

The color of machine tools can be matched according to user's requirements

Plant and power requirements: power supply 380V±10%,Three cases, five lines,frequency 50±2Hz、compressed air 0.4-0.6Mpa,ambient temperature 5-45℃.

Party B provides the following technical data:

Electrical principle diagram.

Lubrication system general drawing, principle diagram, pipe connection diagram.

Machine tool instruction manual, certificate of conformity, packing list.

Spare parts list of vulnerable parts, spare parts and drawings.

Equipment installation drawing.

The control system provides operation manuals and maintenance manuals.

Accessories and other spare parts:

Dressing with diamond pen   two pieces/set.

Grinding head, connecting long axises, two sets / kind/ set.

Ordinary grinding wheel 2 pieces /set.

Special grinding rod wrench two pieces/ type / set.

Acceptance, training and after-sales service:

Need further negotiation

Main component configuration

CNC System of machine tool: Germany Siemens 808D,(other options: Japan Fanuc,Japan Mitsubishi)

Ball screw of machine tool: manufactured by Japan THK

Feed guide rail of machine tool: Germany Rexroth High precition rolling linear guide rail.

Lubrication of machine tool: The central grease lubrication station provides lubrication

Shaft of main parts of machine tool: manufactured by Japan NSK.

Main electrical components: France Schneider.

Technical parameter:

MK2110 CNC Internal grinder main parameter list




Weight of machine tool


Overall dimension of machine tool


Rated Power



Motor power of work piece(KW)


Motor power of grinding wheel(KW)


Servo motor power of X axis(KW)


Servo motor power of Z axis(KW)


Hydraulic motor power(KW)


Cooling motor power(KW)


 Hydraulic system

Pressure of hydraulic system(MPa)


Oil pump flow(L/min)


Cooling pump flow(L/min)


Processing scope

Grinding scope of internal diameter(㎜)


Max. grinding depth (㎜)


Max. rotation diameter of work piece(inside the shell)(㎜)


Max. rotation diameter of work piece(outside the shell)(㎜)


Max. loading weight of work piece(㎏)


Max. stroke of feeding slide(㎜)


Max. stroke of work table(mm)


Max.swivel angle of headstock


Rotation rate of work piece(r/min)

Stepless speed regulation

Rotation rate of grinding wheel(r/min)

0-42000 stepless speed regulation

Machining accuracy

Roundness of internal hole(μm)


Cylindricity of internal hole(μm)


Roughness of internal hole(μm)


 Qutation price: FOB SHANGHAI USD 60000 / set (Standard export wooden box package)

 Payment term: 30% TT down payment,70% balance before shipment against packing list.

 Delivery date: usually 60-90 days after down payment received.