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Cnc Grinder Manufacturers
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MK2110 CNC Grinder Main Spindle of Work Piece

1.The main shaft bearings are made of Japanese NSK into diagonal contact bearings, so as to improve the service life and the rotary accuracy of the main shaft.

2.The spindle speed of the work piece is controlled by a frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation. The coarse, fine grinding and gear adjustment can be realized in the NC process to meet the needs of grinding in actual processing.

3. CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine clamping uses three jaw self centering chuck or four jaw chuck, also can equipped with hydraulic clamp according to the customer demand.

Feed Axis (X Axis)

1.The feed mechanism guide adopts the Germany Rexroth high precision rolling linear guide rail to improve the movement accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool feed shaft.

2.The digital control servo motor drives the ball screw directly through the non-backlash coupling, and realizes the gapless and highly sensitive linear motion.

3.The guide rail and the lead screw are all equipped with protective devices to ensure the accuracy and life of the machine tools.

Reciprocating Shaft System of CNC Grinder (Z Axis)

1.Work table guide rail also adopts Germany Rexroth High precision rolling linear guide rail to ensure the accuracy and rigidity of reciprocating motion of the machine tool.

2.The servo motor is controlled by the numerical control system, and the ball screw is driven by the coupling to realize the reciprocating motion of the table.

Grinding Wheel Axis of CNC Grinder

1.The precision grinding machine adopts high power, high rigidity and high precision high frequency motorized spindle. The main shaft is driven by frequency converter. It can adjust the speed of grinding wheel axis and realize stepless speed regulation.

2.Electric spindle lubrication adopts special cooling and lubricating device.

3.The electric spindle cooling box adopts independent cooling water tank and is equipped with water supply protection function.

Delivery Date

The CNC machine tools usually take 60 days after down payment received.


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